The Lord Will Provide

Yesterday, during the Sunday school class I am leading, I read two passages, and told the group they could pick which one we would discuss together.  First, I read Romans 6:12-23.  This is a great passage.  The wages of sin part is probably familiar to you.  After I read that passage there were no comments or questions.  Moving right along.  Then I read Genesis 22:1-14.  This is the story of the binding of Isaac.  I finished the last word of the passage and before I could take another breath the questions began.

We went with the binding of Isaac.  I think we had a pretty good discussion.  There were some parts of the story people had not noticed.  I am glad we stayed with that story.  That was the text I preached from as well.  I used it to began our new sermon series entitled Family Matters.  Over the next few weeks, you can read ahead if you would like, the lectionary texts tell of a certain family.  This family has its issues.  So, I thought this would be a series people would appreciate because, let's face it, our families have issues too.  So far, I think they have.

This sermon is entitled The Lord Will Provide.  After you listen to the sermon, this is what you are supposed to consider and do:
How have you “messed up” with your family? What does your family need God to provide for reconciliation? Pray that God would allow you the opportunity to make amends, or that you could find a way to make an important relationship new.
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