June's Top 5

June was a good month.  Gloria and I celebrated our 15th wedding anniversary; plenty of softball and tee-ball games; and we surpassed 10,000 hits on the blog.  Nice going, June.  You were a bit hotter than any of us expected you to be, but thanks anyway.  Anything special or out of the ordinary happen to you this month?

Well, I have compiled the top post from this past month.  This list does not reflect any sense of superior writing or content, and neither does this blog.  These are the posts that got the most hits during the month of June.You can reminisce, or see what you missed.  And remember, sharing is care.

5) Let's see, what was I doing in 1961?  Well, what were a lot of people doing in 1961?

4) Oh, the things you see while preaching a sermon.  You should try it some time.  You need a good laugh.

3) Shhhh!  I am trying to mute myself.  Yea, that only sounds like a good idea to you, Gloria!

2) This was a great story.  You remember the pastor who gave away most of his game show prize money?  He taught us to be full of surprises.

1) I knew this lamp was cool.  That is why I wanted it to go with our stacked book end table.  Apparently, a lot of other people want it, too.  Coming in at #1 is the Spilled Milk Lamp.

Thanks for reading.  We will do our best to make July just as great!

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