Where the Answers Are

Since I began full time ministry I have made every effort to be completely honest about my faith. So, when I didn’t know, I said, “I don’t know.” When I didn’t have the know-how I stepped aside and watched another take control. If I told you, “I understand your struggle” I meant it. You see this faith stuff can be difficult. Don’t have the impression your minister has all the answers. Every sermon I’ve written was first preached to me. Only when I figured out I haven’t gotten it figured out did I begin to get the most out of church.

Then others in church weren’t just old people, or friends they were God’s people who shared the same life I did. I began to learn from, pray for and imitate many of them—something I still do. Eventually, I became a spiritual leader among them! All the while, and continually so today, I intentionally nurtured my faith in God. I share this as an encouragement for you to do likewise. I might be “preaching to the choir.” That’s okay; the choir needs God, too! Thanks for sharing your faith with me; it has helped me become a better Christian.

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