It's Not Easy, But

It has been about four weeks I’ve noticed our family has recycled more items than we have thrown away. Irving makes available blue recycling bags for household items; there is a weekly pickup. This has helped us get into the recycling mode. Yes, I’ve even caught myself taking products (paper, can, etc) out of the trash to put into the recycling bag.

Gloria helps and we’ve got the kids thinking along the same lines. She uses the reusable bags for shopping (of course she sports an Oak Haven UMC bag!). It has all helped us in this effort. It was something I wanted to at least give a try. They won’t be making any news reports about us; we’re just not that over the top with it like others. We can say though we’re doing our part.

I also recycle at the office; I did in Bandera and Edinburg, too. Some of you wouldn’t believe all the mail that comes into an office! I fill a box to recycle every two weeks, at least.

Still, like my man Kermit said: It’s Not Easy Being Green.

Stay blessed…john

2 Responses :

Not only did I start us recycling (paper) at the (church) office, but I started it at the local post office as well. You think your office has lots of junk mail - even a small town post office generates a full trash can of paper at least once a day. And, yes, I go through the trash can to remove all of the recyclable stuff. Most everyone in town recognizes me doing that now (or carrying the trash can down toward the church, where the big green recycling dumpster is).

John said...

Good Job Thief. I find myself asking: Will “they” recycle this? It’s a habit now.