Thoughts On a Sermon 9.28.09

In the sermon yesterday I spoke briefly on the idea many have that the book of Esther is a novella. Novella made me think of soap opera and in my preparation I remembered an old song from….hold on…. Carman. No, his music isn’t my first choice for anything, but was one of my first exposures to Christian music. The song was The Soap Song. It's funny:

Also, as far as I can recall, yesterday was the first time I have sung Lift Every Voice and Sing during a Sunday morning worship service. I love that song; we used to sing it for school plays. So, just for kicks, I’ve gathered a few videos of the song for you today. I listened to these and a few more. Hope the song blesses you, too. Oh, and don’t forget there’s a sermon after the last video :)

Stay blessed…john

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