My Fantasy Team

Fantasy Football has always intrigued me just a little. Simply explained—you put together your own team of professional, real players and compete with others’ teams each week. Your success, or lack of, is defined by players’ performance in their real games.

I tried building a team about 8 years ago. Yea, we didn’t do so well. I didn’t have the time and know-all about players’ ability, etc. So, while I like the idea of a fantasy football team, I’m not good at building one, but…

There have been many times I’ve thought, “I wish (someone from this church) knew (someone from another church).” That got me thinking about a fantasy team—putting together a group of people from different churches to help lead a worship service. Who would be my all-pro liturgist? The story teller who brings a special dynamic to a gospel reading or the calm one who might mess up, but does so ever so elegantly you almost don’t notice?

What about an ushering group? Surely there might be some who might be better off on the bench…er pew. Would we use a four person group or spice it up with a three-man (or woman) rotation? Oh, and where does it all stop? Can we draft choir members and/or piano players as well? Or can we go beyond worship services? What about fundraisers or other projects? I better be careful; it’s not all for certain which spot I might end up on someone else’s team.

Stay blessed…john

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