Traditional Worship for Contemporary People

This is from an email I received:
Dear colleague,

There are many churches all across America that use traditional worship as their primary way of doing worship services. Jim Bankston, pastor of St. Paul’s United Methodist Church in Houston believes in the importance of traditional worship and St. Paul’s does only traditional worship. The large United Methodist Church I served for over 30 years in Tulsa does both traditional and contemporary worship. We are both committed to finding ways to do traditional worship better. We believe it will make a significant difference for the church to be able to improve the quality of traditional worship.

Therefore, we are holding a national conference on November 11-13, 2008 called Traditional Worship for Contemporary People. The event will be held at St. Paul’s United Methodist Church in Houston and features some of the great, practical experts on traditional worship. Although this conference has been designed primarily out of the United Methodist tradition, we want to respect all the customs of traditional worship. We hope that you will come to the conference and enjoy it. You can view the brochure and more information at HYPERLINK "http://www.leadershipnexus.net/houston.htm"www.leadershipnexus.net/houston.htm. Feel free to make copies of the brochure for your friends, or forward this email to them. There are many aspects of the conference that will add unusual excitement and effectiveness to any traditional worship service.

Please email me if you have any questions. You can register by mail or online at HYPERLINK "http://www.leadershipnexus.net/houston.htm"www.leadershipnexus.net/houston.htm. I hope you will begin that process as soon as possible and get the early discount!

Yours in Christ,
Bob Pierson

Sounds interesting. Stay blessed...john

2 Responses :

interesting. though its not methodist, are they going to be teaching robert webber's ancient future stuff?.. i am confused, will i learn to be traditional even if i am contemporary or are they going to teach how to do a contemporary service?.. isn't contemporary services on their way out already?

John said...

What I gather from it the discussion will on holding to "traditional" worship while living a contemporary (influenced by contemporary culture, perhaps) world. I can find more info if you'd like.