Blog Addition

Since our recent move I have not had an internet connection at home. I found out quickly that many of our beloved hotspots are no longer free, but you can subscribe to their monthly services. We also learned that our library closes kind of early. There was no connection in my new office either and it was only last week that I started going to school each day. So, I’ve been without a consistent internet connection for about a month.

Next week that should be a memory. That will do a couple of things for me. It’ll allow me to respond to emails and such in a timelier manner. Also, the audio to our worship services at Oak Haven have been recorded. Once our home is elbowed into the 21st century, I’ll be able to post weekly sermons as well. That’s something I’ve missed doing.

The blog has had some new readers lately. It is great to have you, hope you can stay. You keep visiting (leave more comments), telling others to visit and we’ll keep tying (it is the Blog That….). Stay blessed…john

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