There was this hurricane...

We know there are many of you who have been in prayer for the people who live on the Gulf Coast. Particularly, I know you have been praying for our family. I can’t tell you how much that means. Here’s a quick update:

  • My mom and step dad are with my grandparents in High Island. The town is surrounded by water; so, there’s not getting out right now, but they are fine.
  • My dad and his family went to Victoria; they will heading back today (Sunday) to Texas City.
  • Two of my sisters are in Houston where the older one lives; they’re fine.
  • My younger brother is at a camp in Kerrville; so, he’s okay.
  • My grandmother stayed at a hospital in Texas City. She was transferred yesterday to another hospital. They were without water and power. She was pretty scared since they were going to be taking her by helicopter. Last week she broke her hip and wrist in a fall.
  • A couple of aunts and uncles went to San Antonio. Some of them are coming to stay with us for at least a few days.

Of course, no one knows for sure any damage they may have. It sounds like there are a lot of hear-say. That tends to keep people unsettled. The news reports don’t help. They haven’t really shown anything more than a few blocks of the Seawall. Gloria and I have been a little frustrated about that. Thanks for your concern. We’ll keep you updated. Stay blessed…john

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