Sacred Time

I don’t know what your schedule looks like. You’re probably busy and have a million things to do. Believe me I totally understand. I want to offer to you a great way to focus on what matters (Luke 10:41-42). Have you ever sat in your church’s sanctuary alone? Of course, that would probably mean you would have to contact your pastor or figure out some way to get in the building. Whatever it takes, try it. Here at Oak Have our one building makes it something that is very easy to do; it was the same in Edinburg. At Bandera I had to walk a few buildings over and sometimes that just couldn’t happen.

But sitting in that sacred place has always blessed me. I’ve used that quiet time to center on God, remember what He has already shown me, the work He has done and is doing in the church, give thanks for the people who meet there regularly, pray for those who aren’t there, to pray, to sing, even just to unwind.

I know that would probably be something that would take more effort on your part than it would for me. But I think you would find it worth your time. If you can’t find anywhere to go give me a call; I’ll open up for you. Stay blessed…john

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