Never Forget

We Remember:

I remember:

  • A teacher making us turn off the television and getting back to schoolwork. So, we all used to internet to keep up for a while until we protested and made her turn it back on.
  • Wanting to go to help so bad. I had no clue how I would get there or what I would do.
  • Wondering where it was going to happen next. I think many of us wondered how many more targets there were going to be.
  • Going into class and looking it up on foxnews.com. When I first went in that morning someone mentioned a plane hitting the first building. I saw a picture of it and we thought it was a big accident.
  • A fellow student dropping his head into his hands after the first building collapsed. This guy was supposed to be the coolest, doesn't care about anyone type. Yea, buddy we all need God.
  • Going to work that night (Wal-Mart) to a quieted store with constant coverage on the television monitors. It seemed like no one was joking or goofing off.
  • Being glued to television for days. No brainer.
  • Answering those questions from others. In school and at work I was the the church boy. So, everyone wanted to know why and where's God and all that kind of stuff.
  • A reporter commenting that we finally knew how people in eastern countries feel because they get bombed everyday. He said it was a part of life and that they are used to it. What a dork.
  • Really wanting to hurt someone.
  • Wondering how to explain this to little Brittani (because the others weren't there, yet).
  • a bunch of other little details about that day.
It's funny what you recall about that kind of day. Stay blessed...john

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