I Gave It My Best Shot

A few weeks ago, prior to the move, I mentioned my reading of one of Joel Osteen’s books. That book was Your Best Life Now: 7 Steps to Living at Your Full Potential. It seems I have lied to you and myself. I had promised to finish it, but that just isn’t going to happen. First, I’m already well into several books for classes. Secondly, I just don’t consider it worth my efforts to complete it (there is a department store receipt serving as a bookmark at just over the halfway mark).

Now, don’t just shrug me off as another Osteen hater. I don’t know the man. It’s just hard for me to take seriously his claims. There were some good things he had to say in the book. They were, however, all tied to a common theme that disturbs my faith and is a part of what I think is of great concern in our culture. Everything, as the title suggests, is about you. As open minded as I was trying to be I couldn’t help but notice the many times the word “you” or “your” was printed.

This is in great contrast to the title that I referred to in my last posting. So, I have resorted to putting it back on the bookshelf and perhaps it will make for a good conversations piece. Brittani did admit his picture kind of freaked her out; don’t worry Joel, there are pictures of me that do the same thing. Stay blessed…john

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its okay john, we don't blame you.