Blog Confessions (Special Itinerancy Edition)

Some of you may recall previous blog confessions. Those were a good thing for me. Here are my confessions upon making a move to a new town, church and school. I confess:

  • This is the nicest parsonage we’ve lived in.
  • Only in the last several days have I had my own time for grieving over our move.
  • It still feels like I’m filling in for the senior pastor.
  • I want to keep tabs on what the youth are doing in Bandera (Hello Generation X).
  • During the weekdays, I have spoken more to members from Bandera UMC than Oak Haven UMC (It’s going both ways).
  • It feels good to have all my office stuff up again; it’s the dumb stuff that means a lot.
  • I already feel at home in Irving.
  • I have compared churches before (Oak Haven, Bandera UMC, Edinburg FUMC, Mercedes FUMC and El Buen Pastor UMC); it’s been a positive thing.
  • I always fought and overcame the temptation to correct people when they called me a youth pastor, but man am I going to miss working with the youth so closely.
  • I had believed for a while it was probably time for me to leave Bandera.
  • Oak Haven has much to be optimistic about and is has little to do with me!
  • It probably wasn’t a good idea to tell everyone here that I am an Eagles fan before they really got to know me (words like tar and feather have been used).
  • I don’t miss one of my former churches.
  • My first week of seminary has been unimpressive.
  • I’m being selfish in not wanting to change my cell phone number (it’s such an easy number!).

Sins? I don’t know, but I have confessed them to you. We shouldn’t have another itinerant edition for three years or so. Who knows what Wesleyan phenomenon will spawn the next round of blog confessions. Stay blessed…john

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Anonymous said...

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- Norman