Moving music

We were a small church, always trying to do the best we could.  Anytime we could get a little help, that was appreciated.

Once someone gave us a new piano.  Well, it was old to them, but new to us.  I'm sure the giver said something like, "I would love to give this to the church."  While I would never want to dishonor someone's love for their church, somehow I think we ended up doing them more a favor than anything.

The piano was ours.  All we had to do was pick it up.  Now, when does "piano" and "pick up" sound like fun to you?  Exactly.

Still, we were young and buff.  So, we went and picked it up.  Lord, you do keep some record of our doings, right?

It was only a quick trip to the church, once the piano was loaded.  It seems like I remember part of the piano hanging over a side--someone might recall better.  A couple of us stayed with the piano to make sure it did not end up as road kill.  And as we traveled, we played.  It was fun playing the piano on the move like that.  You see, there are some things you big fancy churches could never understand.  Small churches can rock, too!

I thought of that day when I saw the next video. 

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Are you a part of a small church?  What kind of stories do you have?

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