Pray what?

Have you heard of The Prayer Dare?  It is a 40-day dare that is designed to encourage people to become more acquainted with prayer.  The days' reading are pretty simple and straight forward.  What I appreciate about the book is that each day has a specific dare attached to it, something you do after reading.  We talk a lot, and think a lot, too.  I want to offer ways for people to act upon what, for example, a sermon is about.  And, likewise, don't just talk about praying or wanting to pray more; learn how to pray more and do it!

That is where this book comes in.  It has some weak theological points about it, but, overall, those can be overlooked when you consider that you are being led to learn to pray more.

If I think about the churches we have served, I can remember those people who I and others knew were people who prayed.  I want those people close to me as I minister with a church.  And, I want more people to be considered as those kinds of people.  Thus, The Prayer Dare.

Our church began The Prayer Dare this week. Something we discussed at our first session was Richard Foster's term The Simple Prayer.  The thought is that with prayer you begin with who you are and where you are.  Have you ever heard someone say they don't know how to pray, or don't know what to say?  What most people who feel that way do is decide not to pray, to leave it to the experts.  The Simple Prayer reminds us that we just pray with whatever words we have and for whatever comes to our mind.  We learn to pray by praying.  Don't worry if you don't sound like someone else--that is not the point.  Just pray.

Your prayer, perhaps, may not include words.  God is big enough to hear our prayer even if we are unable to use words.  I came across this next video that reminded me of that.  The musicians share very familiar lyrics that are not really lyrics at all.  They are, however, music, just as our inability to use words can be prayer.

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So, what do you want to pray for today? Make it simple, and make it mean something to you. Is there anything I can pray with you about?

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