Reading What I Preach

Before I started the summer session, I checked out a few books on preaching. After my preaching class I wanted to go a little further. Isn’t that the mark of a good instructor? I’ve only finished two, and I am working on completing the other four before the Spring semester begins.

The Jazz of Preaching: I liked the idea of the book—preaching with freedom and joy. Those are two things a few preachers I’ve heard need a shot of. Did I type that? While I appreciated many of the author’s ideas and input, I did feel like the book dragged on a bit. Still glad I read it.

Preacher, Can You Hear us Listening? This was a great reminder that it is a task to listen to a sermon (not in a negative way). There are things that get in the way of the sermon being heard, and we do well to help our congregations through them.

I would love to offer more insight into the books. But 1) I read them, like, so two months ago and 2) I checked them out of the library so I wasn’t able to mark them up like I typically do. Maybe I’ll do a better job with the remaining selections.

Here's what I'll be reading.  I'm trying make the sermons better.

Stay blessed...john

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