Music Monday: Three Minute Song

This is a great idea for a song. Incidentally, I’ve always wondered why most of my favorite songs are just about three minutes.

This is almost how I feel about preaching. You want me to preach Truth, show us for who we really are and encourage you to become a better disciple all in under twenty minutes?! For the most part I think I can. At least I try. Most of you have never heard me preach more than about 23 minutes. Don’t think it isn’t tempting! I use to go 30-45. Archie Bunker—Those Were The Days!!

For me this song speaks to our desire to cram God into our time. Sermon…15 minutes; worship…1 hour; disciple…Sunday. Now I can be on my merrily way. But our walk with God is lifelong and when we’re able to allow God into our time (like we invented it) our desires can change.

Listen to the song and let me know what you think.

Listen to the song by clicking here (if you're reading this in an email) or watch it below, and let me know what you think.  Stay blessed...john

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