De Colores

Last year Gloria and I sponsored a member of our church for A Walk to Emmaus. She, I think, has never been the same. In a few weeks two more women from our church are attending a walk at the Sabine Creek Ranch. The following month we are expected to have three men attend a walk. In two years our Emmaus community will have gone from 2 members (Gloria and I) to 7—a blessing, indeed.

Have you been on a Walk? What do you remember most? Let me say, if you haven’t attended one I think you should. Right now an Emmaus Walk is something our church needs. I get the feeling, though, Emmaus isn’t as widespread here as in south Texas. Maybe that’s just my imagination. My walk was number 1139, six years ago. The numbers for the upcoming women’s and men’s walks here are numbers 227 and 228, respectively. I’m sure that in your church there is someone who can tell you more. If not, or you’re not sure, just ask me.

Of course, KAIROS (an Emmaus counterpart) will always be an important part of our lives. But one day I’d like to work on an Emmaus team. And, of course, I’d like to see more members and friends of Oak Haven get to be a part of that experience. The best part of a weekend (remember, though, I haven’t worked on a team) is the closing ceremony. Each participant (pilgrim) is given a chance to speak about their experience. I find God to be strong in those moments. It should be quite easy for someone to stand up and say they felt loved, but tell that to someone trying to get past all their tears and thankfulness. Yes, an allergy moment for me!

I am grateful for the Emmaus experience and hope you might consider being a part of it. Let me know. De Colores!  Stay blessed…john

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