Too Much ITunes?

Are you a Craigslist addict? We tease someone in our family of almost being one. It’s hard to press her too much on it when she gets all the good deals.

For example, a woman sold someone a brand new IPOD her ex-boyfriend gave her as a make-up gift. It was brand new, sealed in the box and at a cheap price. I guess the ex did a lot more damage than an IPOD could buy. She even left the card he sent her inside the package. Ouch. There’s more. Along with the IPOD the woman sold the same someone a $100 ITunes gift card (it was part of the original “I really messed up” gift) for $50. Who said breaking up is hard to do?

I loaded someone’s purchase into our ITunes account. We don’t usually buy too much from ITunes; to have a balance over $100 was quite impressive. So, I started searching. I kept searching. I’m still searching.

Maybe I’m more frugal than I realize, but I couldn’t figure out what to waste money buy off of ITunes. Why didn’t anyone tell me you can rent movie from ITunes? Not that I would, but I’m sure that’s making someone a lot of money. Perhaps I just need to expand my horizons just a little.

I’m open for suggestions. Someone thought we could purchase movies. We’ll probably do that, too. In the meantime someone, let’s get a feel for what kind of music (or whatever) our visitors are most interested in. Leave your suggestions as a comment.

ITunes here we come! Stay blessed…john

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