Born on the dead island

Part of our vacation time was spent in Galveston. This picture was taken on the west end.  That's my young niece pictured with us.  Gloria and I realized that in all the time we have been to Galveston the kids had never been to the beach.  Does that make me a bad BOI (Born on the Island)?  Side note: I always wanted a small golden BOI pendant I saw someone wear as a kid, but never got one.  

Have you been there lately?  Well, apparently it's a dead city.  That is according to a particular blogger. Of course, things aren't what they used to be.  Throw a few hurricanes at a place and yes things will change. 

We have family that have moved from the island in recent years because of home prices and things like that.  I suppose it is like any other recovering place.  Most of the money that is used to help rebuild gets put toward those areas that potentially  attract the most revenue from tourists and other business.  I get that.  Everyone else, it seems, is left to make the best with what they have left, and many don't have much left.  Let's not forget them.

Island listed as 1 of 10 ‘dead’ US cities on blog

 Stay blessed...john

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