The Jesus We Don't Like

What does a preacher have to say to make you angry?

We opened our worship service with that question this week.  I'm sure some preacher has rustled a few of your feathers once or twice.  Was it on a Sunday morning?  Was it some off-comment during a church meeting?  Did the preacher tell you what s/he really thought about (insert hot-topic issue) during a Bible study?

If you can recall the last time you wanted to throw your preacher off the nearest cliff, you fit perfectly into the story of Jesus going back home to preach.  Incidentally, I worked on this sermon the same time I was preparing for a family member's funeral back home.  Thanks, God.  That was real funny.

Jesus went home.  He ran into his peeps and went to church.  Everyone was probably proud as he got up and began to read from the scroll.  They were even more amazed with what he had to say....at first.

If only he could have kept his holy mouth closed.

But thank God he couldn't.  I supposed we can't blame the people for getting upset with him.  How would you like it if I told you all that stuff you believe about being blessed and that America is God's chosen nation wasn't everything you thought it was?  What if I start talking about how much money you give to the church and how you like to help out, that those things aren't as important as you're making them out to be--at least the way you talk about them.

That seems to be what Jesus said that triggered a murderous rage into the congregation that day.  So, you and I have to hear what Jesus is telling us today.  What he has to say may or may not be what we're ready to hear.  But God is going to tell us. And when we listen, we are closer to being who/what God has called us to be.

My sermon The Jesus We Don't Like tells you the rest.

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Stay blessed...john

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