"I'd be bored," is what Brittani blurted out about midway through this video.  "Fine," I said, "find something else to go with your lesson."  She had been preparing for a children's Sunday school class and wanted something else to go along with her First Sunday of Lent lesson.

I thought her bored comment was referring to watching the video.  It wasn't.  No, she wondered about being in the desert for 40 days.  After a while you'd want to check your phone...whoops.  Who are you going to have a conversation with?  As you get through the hunger pains you might decide you were a little bored.

Have you ever thought of being in the desert?  What kind of feelings would you have?  What would go through your mind?  We can't even make through a one hour worship service without our mind wandering.  What would 40 days in the desert do to us?

Here's a great video that portrays Jesus' 40-day desert temptation.  Watch it and see what reflections you have.

++If you are reading by email or news reader, click here to watch the video.++

May your next 40 days be inspirational.

Stay blessed...john

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