What Goes Up Must Get Down

Last week I aggravated an old knee injury.  I'd like to say it looks worse than it feels.  Unfortunately, however, it was looking pretty ugly and feeling the same way.

I tell you that because I was so disappointed Sunday morning.  The first part of my sermon was all about being, getting and staying UP.  God calls us UP to the mountain sides of faith.  But you and I know that we cannot stay UP because God also calls us to Get Down.

Oh, when I said that I wanted to break out in dance, very similar to this: Get Down On It

But that sore knee kept me from doing so! In fact, for the most part I stayed behind my pulpit (music stand) as I preached. Proof it can be done. Still, one day soon I will get down.

In the mean time I hope the message is clear. God wants to meet us where we are. God wants us to know the glory of God. There are no more peaceful and affirming moments than when we know we have been in God's presence. But we must realize that God doesn't call us to stay UP on the mountain. We are called to Get Down. There's a hurting world waiting for us.

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Stay blessed...john

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