What this made me think of

I came across this picture recently and wanted to share it.  Not because I want you to give me your political opinion.  I have my own, right now. 

Nothing is a straight-forward as most people would want us to think.  Many of the issues we are facing are too complex to suggest so.  So, again, this is not about your rant for the day. 

The reason why I am sharing this is because it involves something my Disciple II group brought up recently.  I'll share with you after you see what I'm talking about.

Each of our Disciple sessions open with prayer.  The group shares concerns and praises that we will pray together for throughout the week.  Someone recently said it simply: Let's pray for a cure for cancer.

And that is what we have been doing.  Praying.  This picture was a reminder to me about my commitment to pray with my group about this.  And I am grateful.

Chances are all of us have been touched by cancer in some way.  There is something wrong with that.  So, maybe you're not in a Disciple II group, but would you be willing to pray with us?  Let me know and I'll share with the group. 

What else are you praying for?  What are your reactions to the picture?

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