Lighten Up

I think I may have offended 90% of all Christians yesterday.

Yes, I am exaggerating.  I don't even know 90% of all Christians.  And 90% of all Christians didn't even hear me yesterday.  Still, I am going to stand with the 10% on this one.

Now, any other preacher or blogger would tease you to make you want to listen to the audio.  Me?  I'll just tell you what I said and hope, pray, wish, dream and imagine what it would be like if you did listen to the sermon--but only if you want to.

I reminded the congregation that, once we leave our worship service, we are all sent out by God to serve.  It's ironic, though, what so many Christians do right after worship service.  Come on; you know what it is like to wait in line at Luby's.  We all know the biggest advantage of being United Methodist is that we get out of church earlier than our sisters and brothers of that non-denominational church down the street.  That's right.  The biggest irony is that we are sent out of worship service to go serve, but the first thing many of us is go to our favorite restaurant to be served.

Hey, Jesus had to have said worse things than that.  We can still be friends, right?  Maybe I can take you on to lunch, on a Monday.

The sermon is entitled Lighten Up, and is based on the ministry of John the Baptist.

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