Not Going

This weekend will mark a first time in a long time event for me. Our district is holding its annual leadership training for the various ministry areas of the church. Guess what. I’m not going. I should say we’re not going. Usually, Gloria and I make it a point to go. There’s no childcare and we didn’t want to have to try to make arrangements.

It really is a little disappointing. I wanted to use this time to get to know some of the people in our district (oh, and get trained). In the first six months of being here I have met probably two other pastors or church leaders from the district. This is the first time in six years, three districts and two annual conferences I haven’t gone. Don’t worry I’m not panicked or anything. Jesus is still Lord.

These leadership trainings are a benefit, I believe. I almost feel ashamed to say, but that only holds true when the right people are leading them. Leadership should demonstrate what ministry could/should be. So many people who have taken leadership roles in the church share a few characteristics: 1) A lot of them were never really asked or given an option. You know that drives me nuts. 2) They have no idea what exactly they are expected to do. See number one for a good reason why. 3) Many don’t think they can have an impact on the work of the church.

If we can have people in place who demonstrate what good things happen when church members work in their positions, people leave wanting to take what they’ve learned and apply it in their home church. Then it’s not a waste of time for them, and people like me can feel okay with encouraging their members to attend. I’m not talking about having adult VBS. Leave that to those who think they have to entertain congregations.

So, Oak Haven you got off easy. This event snuck up on me. Usually I will send out letters, emails, put the schedule in the bulletin and newsletter and figure out ways to get people there. The score so far is: John (0) and 2009 (1).

I’ll bounce back Coach. You know I will. I won’t let the team down. We’ll get ahead.

Sorry, it’s playoff time! Stay blessed…john

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