Read This (well, this too, but I mean the book).

This book is making its way around our church. It was passed on to me as "something John's gotta read." I wouldn't usually take time to read something like this. Its not anything negative about reading memoirs, novels or anything like that. Actually, reading is difficult for me, and since it is, if its not a textbook or required reading for a class, I will usually only focus on material that is more church/ministry related.

That said, I'm really glad I read this book. It is the true story of faith for two men and how God brought their friendship together. While many of you may not think of your story in the same kind of way, for me it was a simple reminder of how God can/does work in each of our lives. The outcomes can be astounding when we render ourselves to God's will and work.

Two different worlds came together--think of the struggles and barriers that can get in the way--in an unexpected way. We're given the story in both men's words. Both men provide their background and how they got to the point of knowing each other; there experiences differing so much. Its funny to hear them retell memories of same events from their own perspectives.

Faith, healing, assurance, acceptance and service were all concepts that darted my heart as I continued reading. A lot of it has to do with so much of the things I have wanted to teach our church (youth and adults). I'll tell you my favorite part of the book after you read it as to not spoil anything. Actually, favorite is the wrong word, but the moment that I still recall weeks after finishing it.

My only criticism, if you can call it that, of the book has to do with the pictures. About half way, I suppose, there are a few pages of pictures of the people from the book. There I was following along and then, out of no where, I was shown a picture that clearly predicted events to come. I would have rather not known or had that thought in my mind as I continued on. So, I'll give you the same advice I gave Gloria, don't look at the pictures until after you have finished.

Go to the library or ask around the church (someone's got it right now) and take a few days to read it. Your heart'll thank you. Click "comments" below to share your thoughts. Stay blessed...john

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Anonymous said...

Glad you found time to read this.
It has so many important "faith & life lessons".