I've Been Listening to Them for 17 Years?

It didn't turn out to be a normal date. Actually, Gloria and I felt like we were in high school again. One thing Mom always said, "You can take your sister(s)." So, on many of our outings as a couple we had 1-4 kids with us. When we went to see Boyz II Men last night (7.10.08) we had Nathan with us. At times I couldn't decide what was louder: the music blaring from the speakers about 20 feet from us or Nathan yelling in my ear "Is this their last song?!"

We had a good time. When they song this song, the guys threw roses out to the crowd. I missed the one Wanya threw at Gloria as it flew about 2 inches over my hands.

But all was not lost. Shawn instructed everyone to take out their cell phones and give Mama a call while they sang this song. After some convincing, I got Shawn to get my phone and sing his part to my mom. She thought that was great.

Of course, later I had to call my sisters and brother and offer to them more convincing testimony that I am the favorite child. A gentleman sitting behind me, Mr. Tommy Teal, offered his business card. He had taken a picture of the exchange and said he would email it. I'm still in the process of receiving that.

Nathan eventually got his cotton candy and rode Bug's White Water Rapids; so, all was well in the universe again.

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Sandra said...

How fun! Gosh, aren't we old? Gloria called and let me listen, she's so sweet!