Bible Genealogy

So, you've been asked to be liturgist. As your worst fear would be, you get a reading with a bunch of names you're not sure how to pronounce. In this situation feel free to take the advice I have given to all our liturgists facing this "wish it happened to (fill in name)last week" traumatic event: Read it like you know how to say it.

Don't take a pause for breath right before you say it. Don't try to muffle your way through it. Don't give the first three letters, quit and say "him." And please don't say it, look back at me and ask if you got it right.

Nine out ten people will not know the difference and offer a compliment to you. Well, this turned out to be an instructional post. All I wanted to do was show you a website I came across: Complete Bible Genealogy.

Forgive me if I haven't fact checked every name, but it does claim 3087 biblical characters. From the website:
Shortly after beginning to read the Bible you may have found it difficult to keep track of all the different names. Perhaps you’ve tried to write out how everyone is connected, but even before finishing Genesis, found the list had already become far too long.

Now however Complete Bible Genealogy provides a list of all the names and relationships, which you can use as a reference or as an addition to your Bible studies so you no longer need to worry about who’s who in the Bible.

The secondary purpose of this site is to encourage those who hesitate to read the Bible because of the many names. Our hope is to help people overcome this obstacle and help them to make it easier to start reading God's word.

Stay blessed...john

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