I'm Still New Here

Quick question: What do you know God has done IN you?

Think about that for a moment.  Now, read from this passage: Ephesians 4:25-5:2, and then take some time to listen to the following sermon.  I would like us to remember what God has done in us, and what God is still doing in us because we need to recall the new life God is giving each day.  When we do we are better prepared to pay attention to the newness around us as well.  

Often, are faith is communicated by the "No's," "Thou Shall Nots" and "Stop Doing..." that we give the impression that is all our faith is about.  Those "rules," however, aren't meant to keep us in line, but to show us how to live together as God's people, under the grace and love of God.  And they also remind us of something else very important: God is always doing something new!

The reason people wrote those rules was because someone else was new to the body of Christ.  When someone is new you have to demonstrate what you expect from them.  But did you catch the bigger part of that?  New people!  God has been changing hearts and lives forever, and God is still doing so today.  So, the bigger picture is that there is newness all around us that we have to learn to see God is doing.  May God give us eyes to see!
Wimpy Kids (and adults) approve this sermon!  

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Stay blessed...john

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