You Look Like You've Just Seen a Savior!

As the disciples tried to make sense of the news of Easter morning, Mr. Up From the Grave appears to them.  I've seen too many movies in my lifetime to think that I would have just stood there merely frightened and doubting like the rest of the disciples.  No, before Ghost Man Jesus has enough time to say, "Boo!" I'd be long gone.

That means that I would have missed dinner, apparently.  And that can never be good.  Even more than that I would have missed that profound experience with Christ.  I am sure the rest of the disciples would have gone out and find me, but I still would have missed something.  

That is the idea behind this sermon.  Christ's Resurrection had an impact on the disciples.  I wonder how much impact it has on us.  How do we experience Christ today if we can't reach out and touch his wounds or have a little Zatarain's fish with him?  That's part of the question we consider in this week's sermon.  Have a listen and share your thoughts.  The sermon is entitled You look like you've just seen a savior!

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