News: Hateful Christians upset about hateful statement

Rose City Park is a United Methodist Church in Portland whose name you probably never knew before.  If so, I would think you are in company with many, many, many other people.  Well, unless you haven't heard of them lately.  Many, many, many people have been introduced to the "other place to be on Sunday."  I am not quite sure what that means.

The thing is, Rose Park has this marquis.  God bless the pastor because he tries to keep corny church stuff off of it!  In fact, one of his most recent message in a marquis brought the church a lot of attention.  Look at the image above and see if you can guess why?

My opinion?  I. LOVE. IT.  I love it so much I was willing to do the annoying period after every word sentence.  You see, I love it so much I'm willing to be annoying--oh, the life my poor wife must live.  If I wasn't moving soon, I would probably steal it and put it on Oak Haven's trusty marquis.  I say if I wasn't moving because not everyone is willing to go all annoying like me.  They just want to be hateful.  Sorry. That was tacky.

What do you think of the sign?  What does it say to you?  What church sign message do you remember most?  Make it a good one so I can go change ours soon.  Right now it only says, "Peace be with you."

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