Guess what I finally found out

Assuming that I would be able to not fail classes at Perkins, our family has known for four years that we would be moving this summer.  Every semester I have filled out a form that asked for my expected graduation date: May 2012.  Well, as you're probably aware, May 2012--May 12th, to be exact--is very close.  

Friends, I suffer.  Pray for me.  Senioritis has ailed me for many years now.  I hear, though, there is a balm in Gilead that is poured over every diploma passed out at graduation.  I digress.

What our family never knew was where we would be moving once I completed my work at Perkins.  That has changed.  Last week I met with my new District Superintendent and a group of members from the new church we have been appointed to serve.  The first Sunday in July I will be preaching and, I think, leading Communion at Shiner FUMC in Shiner, TX.  Yes, that Shiner.

The physical part of moving is a pain, sometimes very literally.  New churches, friends, ministries and connections are always good.  There is a lot of good in the way we, as United Methodist ministers, move and there are some drawbacks.  Leaving and goodbyes are always difficult.  They're only difficult, though, because of how good everything else was.  So, moving brings opportunities to do more of the same good work of God somewhere new.  And that is what I trust we will be able to do in Shiner.  

Pray for us.  Pray 1) For our family as we transition 2) For Oak Haven, their ministry and their new pastor (We don't know, yet, who that is) and 3) For Shiner FUMC.  They are saying goodbye to a pastoral family they have loved and cared for.  And they have no idea why they got stuck with me, and what they are in for.  Kidding!  Kidding!  Let the games begin.

I can't wait for the blog's family to include the people of Shiner, and I'm looking forward to sharing what we are doing there, too.  

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