Ready to celebrate!

In a few months, our family is going to celebrate an undertaking we’ve been working toward for some time. I already know what I am going to do when it happens—it’s a Friday tradition. I am going to call into Dave Ramsey’s radio show and announce to the world that, “WE’RE DEBT FREEEEEE!” It's a Friday tradition.  That may not sound significant to you, but it is something wonderful because we haven’t always been faithful stewards. People would ask what credit cards we had. Jokingly, my response was, “The mall.” We both had decent jobs, but it always seemed like we had no money.

When we went to one job that paid half of the others we really didn’t have any money. Through that, though, we learned to trust God. We had to. And the good news? We’ve never lacked for anything. Yes, we waited to buy what we thought we wanted and didn’t always get away like we deserved. But God has been too good to us to be foolish and selfish. We learned we are called to be financially responsible, and we must continue to give. There is freedom and a joy in that, and I hope you’ll yell with me!

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