What to do in Lent

This list is a few weeks late, but still worth thinking about.

Lent is the time that most of us know we "have to give up something."  I hate that.  First, no, we don't have to do anything.  Second, Lent is a time when the church has traditionally taken up the practice of fasting.  Of course, we can talk about and actually fast any other time of the year.  But who wants to get carried away, really? 

The distinction I want to make is this: Giving up something for Lent does not equal fasting.  Get over your potato chips.  Stop complaining because you haven't had a Coke.  And, believe it or not, man cannot live on chocolate alone--so, giving it up is really not a big deal.  You want to make Lent something you remember?  Pray more and fast more.

And, you can try a few suggestions from the sarcastic Lutheran.  Check out this link:

House for All Sinners and Saints’ 40 Ideas for Keeping a Holy Lent

Did your read anything that would be difficult to do?  Then you might want to try it.  What actions seem out of place, or most difficult to you?  How are you keeping a holy Lent?

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