A Selective Memory

"Oh, I remember you.  You're the one that......"

What do you fear someone might remember you by?  Are there things you wish people would forget about you?  I asked that question in church yesterday and received a warm round of chuckles.  I assumed an answer.

An old friend might remember something you said or did that you wish would be forgotten.  Our kids do, too.  It seems like no one is good at remembering the things we want them to.  Is it any wonder, then, why some people fear meeting God in any intimate way?  I'm sure God has the ability to remember any and every thing related to human existence, and beyond.  That includes Spring Break 1982, or whatever year you're trying to forget.

So, what does God want to remember?  For those who stand in anxious fear of God, the answer might surprise you.  This sermon suggests that God's grace steers what God remembers about us.  That is, grace is God's memory.  Praise God!

Have a listen to the sermon entitled A Selective Memory.  As you listen, think about your experiences with grace, and hear the two-fold challenge at the end of the sermon.  And, of course, share your thoughts.

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