What are you doing this Sunday?

Think of the preparation that goes into a holiday party.  Everything from food and drinks to the decorations and invitations needs to be planned.  Now, think about going through all that work only to have the people you prepared for not show up.  Frustrating? Disappointing?  Not worth the trouble?  I can imagine how disheartening that may be.  I know exactly how it feels.  Think of each Sunday as a holiday.  While it’s more than a holiday party, our church prepares for each person, and we look forward to celebrating the Christ’s Resurrection together.  Some have labeled each Sunday a mini-Easter.

Each week people join our celebration; we thank God for you!  Each week some do not join us; we still thank God for you!  Each person in our church adds to the worship and celebration we share each holiday.  When you’re not there we are missing something.  A lot happens on Sundays: God speaks; God moves; God challenges; God heals.  We even get to participate: we learn; we sing; we pray; we offer; we laugh, cry and hope.  When we gather we can affirm that, “Surely the Lord is in this place.”  So, everything’s ready for us—See you Sunday!

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