I am writing in the midst of a storm. The thunder is loud; the lightening is bright; the hail is, for now, small. What a great way to reflect on a sermon I just gave.

I want so much for my sermons to be instructive, that people would know more what it means to be followers of Jesus. I think I do that. What I also want to remember are the storms people face. Just because they hear a sermon on Sunday doesn't mean Monday's storms go away. So, I want a sermon to make sense enough that its listeners can see through the storm, much like I can now as I look through the mini-blinds in my office, to remember what God is doing in their life.

Yesterday's sermon was on winning--the right way. Actually, winning with the way, the truth and the life God has for us.

I would appreciate your input. Where was I off, or where could I have been a little more clear?

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Mr. Sheen would not be proud of my winning.
Stay blessed...and keep winning...john

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