What Things?

It is a Monday morning right now.  This is the first Monday morning after the end of a semester, and a special semester, indeed.  Last week I submitted my final paper and attending my final class at Perkins.  Yes, no more pencils, no more books...

Now, I still have a year of internship to complete.  It is a course that requires written work.  However, I already have a sense of what kind of work I need to turn in, and I am not worried at all.  The pressures of the classroom, word counts and pages read are behind me--way behind me!  At the same time I hope to begin work on my commissioning paperwork.  Again, I am not too worried about that.

This next year I get to focus on my church like I have not been able to in several years.  Classrooms have been a part of my schedule for the past 5+ years.  I am looking forward to being more available and attentive to my congregation.  And, giving more attention to my sermons as well.

Thank God!  That is what I have repeated to myself quite a bit over the last few days.  In the coming weeks I am hoping to take some serious time to reflect upon some of my experience at seminary and share with you.

In the meantime, here is yesterday's sermon entitled "What Things?"  Two disciples traveled to a town called Emmaus and met some stranger.  This stranger wanted to know what things weighed on their heart.  "What things?" he asked them.  That is the same question the stranger asks us.
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After listening to the sermon, consider this: Pray specifically this week about your answer to Jesus' question, "What things?"  Ask others to join with you in prayer.  Ask God to help you seem ore of Christ as you face these struggles.

I would appreciate your comments or observations from the sermon. Stay blessed...john

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