Not As Awful as We Used to Be

Someone recently asked me if I ever get nervous when I preach.  People have asked me that before and my response is still the same.  I have never known enough to be nervous.  That is to say, if I would have had any of the knowledge, conviction and commitment that I do now back when I first began preaching, then I think would have been.  Preaching is a meaningful task.

Now, that I have been preaching for several years, it almost comes out naturally.  So, there are no nerves involved.  Especially, on a day like yesterday.  Yesterday's sermon was one I think I will remember for a while.  I preach to myself just as much as I preach to everyone else on Sunday mornings, but this sermon was one that "cut" to my heart.

Unless you hear the sermon you don't really know what I mean when I ask, "What are you full of?"

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Thoughts? Reflections?

Stay blessed...john

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