Win Our First Give-Away

I recently preached a sermon entitled A Get-And-Give Life. The point was that God gives to us—specifically, God gives us life. So, we must give others life as well. The “Now What” for the sermon was to
Consider what thing(s) you are thankful for that God has done/given for you (forgiveness, health, help, etc). Now, commit to giving that to someone this week.
That got me thinking, as I hope it always does you.

There is much to be thankful for. One example, for me, would be books. Of course, you know how I feel about reading, but there’s more. In the last few years I have literally spent thousands of dollars on books. When I say “spent” what I mean to say is that books have been purchased under my account. Actually, I have yet to purchase a single book with my own money. Scholarships and God’s people have made that possible. Believe me that is a blessing!

As part of my “Now What” and to get a good resource in your hands, I am giving away a copy of the book Hard to Dance With the Devil On Your Back. This is a resource you will appreciate. It is an easy read on a subject that all of us deal with. You can get a complete description of it on Cokesbury’s website. Our church is hosting a study for Lent using the book.

This is our first give-away, and I am excited about it. Getting your shot at the free book is easy. I am sure there are many ways to host a give-away, but let me share with you what I think will be the easiest for me right now:
1) Follow this link to subscribe (it’s free) to the email version of anotherjohn.com
2) Complete the quick email two-step process

That’s it. The give-away will last until Tuesday, March 1st. Once the give-away has ended I will gather the names of everyone on the email list and use random.org to select the recipient. Don’t worry if you’re already signed up.  You will be automatically added to the drawing.

Also, I would appreciate you helping me get the word out. So, if you are reading this by way of email, forward it to someone. Send the subscription link to people you know; post it in your Facebook status or as a tweet. For every status update, tweet or email you send I’ll add another entry with your name on it. Just leave me a comment or email letting me know how many times your name should be added. Make sense?

Thanks for playing. Stay blessed…john

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