Music Monday: Texas & H-E-B

Confession: I miss H-E-B.

It sounds silly, I know.  But I remember the corny commercials with Spurs players.  I know the taste of their oh-so-delicious dark chocolate ice cream.  Yes, I laughed when I found out what the B stood for.  One day we will return to a land flowing with Hill Country Fair and the H-E-Buddy.

In the mean time we can all share in the H-E-B experience with this edition of Music Monday.  Apparently, this was a commercial during the Super Bowl.  I missed it.....just like I miss H-E-B.

It's a video about Texas.  Of course, H-E-B is from Texas.  Whether you understand my pain or not, if you're from Texas or have lived here long enough, you'll probably appreciate most of this video.  You can download an .mp3 version of the song, view the lyrics and get behind-the-scene looks at the video here: Jack Ingram's Exclusive H-E-B Commercial. A H-E-B shout out to my man Don for the link.

Here is the video: Full Length Version

Stay H-E-Blessed...john

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Anonymous said...

you have know idea how much you miss HEB until you leave Texas! Fan of HEB!!!