Your Life is Get-And-Give

Yesterday was a busy day.  Of course, Sunday School and worship in the morning.  Our Administrative Council met during lunch.  Then we hosted our Valentine Dinner & Movie.  It was a pot-luck with some real good stuff, and we watched the Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole--yes, it was a hoot.  All in all, Sunday was a blessing again.

I have provided for you the third sermon in our series For the Love of God.  This week we shifted our focus on what it means to love our neighbor.  The title of the sermon is A Get-And-Give Life

If you were attending church with us we would make sure to direct your attention to the "Now What" section of the bulletin. This is how it would read:
Consider what thing(s) you are thankful for that God has done for you (forgiveness, health, help, etc). Now, commit to giving that to someone this week.
Stay blessed...john

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