You'll Never Hear Me Say

Of all the things I would like to say to you this coming year, this is not one of them:
"I'm a giver, not a taker. I'm not a burglar.
That was one DFW minister's response to charges brought against her. She allegedly broke into a church member's home and stole thousands of dollars worth of stuff on Christmas. Forget for a second all the ethical issues, my thought now if I'm the church member is, "Why did that reporter just flash my house on television and tell everyone I have that much stuff to take?"

That's Why Some Of Your Pastors Act Weird
I got the funny look and had to explain several times back in Bandera when I asked for my office change (an old post I cannot seem to find). The office I had at first was towards the back of the building; I was all by myself, and you know I don't wanna be all by myself.  It just felt uncomfortable for me to be back there, away from everyone, when I had someone else in the office with me.  Did something happen?  Would something have ever happened?  No, and probably not.  No one, however, plans for those kinds of things to happen.  So, in that case, I was moved to the front of the building with everyone else.  I even had windows to see the world!

Same thing here at Oak Haven.  The door to the pastor's office could have been your closet door except that it had a sign across it that read "Pastor Study."  I wanted to get rid of that the first night I saw it; I don't want anyone to have any misconceptions about what's really going on in there.  We waited patiently until we could poke a hole in the door and stick a window in.  It took two years, but that's what we were able to do.  Now, privacy and transparency are both available when you call in now.

It is too easy for something to be made out of nothing.  Windows and mini blinds don't take that away, but they are at least a small way to help protect members and pastors.  So, if you come into my former study don't be shocked if I make sure the blinds and/or the door gets opened.  I try to be discreet.

What That Means for Me
All that to say we ministers need to be careful.  We are given some type/form/level of authority and power.  Do not abuse it, and certainly don't use it to your advantage.  We are invited into people's home.  What a blessing!  Don't squander that trust and  sacred relationship for anything.  Our work is too important. 

So, unless you're behind me because you locked your keys in the house, I won't be climbing through your windows.  Even then I'll probably just put my hands together so you can use me as a step to break into your own house.  If I make sure a door is open, or ask someone to join us in a meeting just know I want to protect you and the spiritual relationship we have.

Stay blessed...john

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