A Historic Event

Don't worry.  If you can't read the announcement above, it's not a bad thing.  Our church is offering its first Spanish worship service.  I, and I think a few more of us, am pretty excited.

Yes, I'm preaching.  Brittani says I sound too much like a "white guy."  I told her her momma sounds like a white guy.  Plan A was for me to preach in Spanish.  Plan B was for me to preach in English and have someone interpret.  It looks like all systems are go for Plan A!

This will be my first Spanish sermon.  Someone from our church is translating my sermon from English to Spanish which I am, except for these few moments, working diligently to produce.  On Christmas Eve I'll use the translated manuscript.

What a way to worship and celebrate Christmas with our community.  If you're in the area please stop by for this historic event.  No, I don't exaggerate.  Stay blessed...john

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