Is That Church Growing: When In the Lion's Mouth

How will I feel next Sunday when I give a sermon that is not part of a series?  Two months (almost) in a series helps keep things ordered for a busy schedule.  

This was the final sermon in our series entitled Is That Church Growing?  Whether you have heard the sermons or not I'd be interested to hear what you think "growing" churches have in common, or what are practices/attitudes of growing churches?

My favorite line from this sermon was, "We let sin cover a multitude of love." 

I know you would never miss them, but in case your faith has been weak here are the other six sermons:
Sermon 1: Where Grace Happens

Theme: A place where the “lost coins” are celebrated when they are found, and people are looking for them

Sermon 2: Praying Like That

Theme: Prayerfully united that God’s will would be done in the world, not just for the people we like

Sermon 3: Imagine That

Theme: A church that knows it is a mission

Sermon 4: Seniors Who Don’t Get Discounts

Theme: Committed to teaching young people

Sermon 5: Here, Have My Gospel

Theme: Shares their good news.

Sermon 6: That’s the Book for me & Other Misconceptions

Theme: Cherishes and learns the Bible

Sermon 7: When In the Lion's Mouth

Theme: A place where people are not left alone

All available for 3 installments of $48.73. Or something like that.

Stay blessed...john

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