Is That Church Growing: Seniors Who Don't Get Discounts

Yesterday's sermon was the fourth in our series entitled Is That Church Growing?  I was looking forward to this one.  It was a little different than usual.  The focus was on the young people and the church's ministry with them.  Here's a quote:

We've done a good job of giving our young people things that make like more comfortable, but the church has done a poor job of giving them things that make life meaningful. 

As always, you can view the bulletin here.  The sermon loads in the player below, or click this link to open it up. Let me know your thoughts.  Don't forget to complete the "Now What" related to this sermon: This week: Pray specifically for the young people of our church; you know their names, right? Consider, as an adult who cares for them and their spiritual development, write letters to them encouraging them to continue learning and growing.

Stay blessed...john

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