Egypt: Been There, Done That…With Trietsch

With the incredible help from the Uth Kwoir (sound it out) of Trietsch Memorial UMC we are completing a week of Vacation Bible School.  It has been a lot of fun.  Children who visited us last year came back and new families joined us as well.  This is the second consecutive year we have worked with Trietsch.  I am impressed with the leadership the youth demonstrate (which means they are led well) and the enthusiasm they put into their work.  I can’t tell you how much I miss working with our youth.  Since this isn’t my group, and I know they have a plan, I have intentionally stayed in the background.  The hope is that they know I completely trust what they are doing. 

This year is a little intriguing because we are planning to start a junior high group in September.  A few of our students who will be participating are attending our VBS and seeing how the youth from Trietsch work.  For that endeavor we’re getting a little help as well—I’m sure I’ll bring that up some time soon. 

All in all I am grateful to God for the relationship we have with Trietsch and for their ministry.  Oak Haven has benefited tremendously from their willingness to serve.  If you’re a part of that congregation please pass on my appreciation.  If you’re a part of Oak Haven, please pass on yours.  Now, no matter which congregation you’re a part of, go and make disciples!

Stay blessed…john

P.S. The only bad thing this week is that we lost two more of our signs.  What are you going to do with them, really?

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