Need a Sign? We Did.

Our church recently added a new form of advertising. Oak Haven has an ongoing ad that runs in the weekly Irving Rambler. It carries the church name, website, phone number and worship service time. For our main events we place a special ad (larger space accompanied with a graphic). Pretty basic, pretty ordinary.

Something not so ordinary is the skill some people have at spotting garage sale signs. It’s like a seventh sense. There’s no utility pole to hidden or neon sign too small they can’t spot. Every weekend these signs go up around town redirecting traffic to lawns and garages where quarters are the prime and VHS abounds. Those signs don’t get ignored (until they don’t get taken down after the grand sale).

That got me thinking. We, Oak Haven, have intentionally focused our attention and efforts in establishing ties within the immediate neighborhoods around us. So, I wondered how many people ever saw our ad in the paper. They might not see an advertisement, but I bet more people would see a G-sale sign. Why not make some for the church?  That was the original idea. Once we got started it took a different approach. I’m happy with the results though. We didn’t end up with the infamous neon colored signs, but we do have a resourceful way of communicating with our community.

We bought (25) white, blank currated signs from Lowe’s. Fast Signs generated a footer that sticks to the bottom of each sign. It has the cross and flame, our church name, telephone number and website. They also made dry erase sheets to cover the top area of each sign. So, we always have our contact information visible and easily read. Other information can be written (dry erase marker) about whatever event is coming up.
We’ve used them a few times already. The marker holds out pretty well. The first day we used them it was raining and there were no issues. Don’t put them out if it’s windy; the metal frames can bend. The only problem we had was two of the signs were moved for us (where they are now we have no idea).
It’s an idea.

Maybe it could work for you. Know your city’s ordinances! I wonder if the guys at Church Marketing Sucks would approve. Stay blessed…john

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