A Few Good Books

As the semester begins so does the prescribed reading.  I haven't spent as much on books as I did last semester, yet.  Let me get some of those read and I'll share them with you.

I don't have the time or, sorry, desire to provide beneficial reviews right now for the books I completed over the break.  But I'll share them with you with just a small note for each.
  • the EMERGING church: Vintage Christianity for New Generations
    • If you're not completely familiar with the idea of post modernism this book will provide some insight that is easy to make sense of.  The first half of the book covers many facets of post modern (perhaps post-post modern) ideals.  To finish, the second half considers how the church can provide spiritual opportunities to meet the post modern mindset. 
  • What Difference Do it Make?
    • The follow up to Same Kind of Different as Me.  If that book inspired or touched you then you might want to see how it did the same to other people.  Denver and Ron also share with you other parts of their story that only add to the meaningful testimony of love and forgiveness.  You'll have it read in no time.  
  • First Things First: Rules for Being a Warner 
    • This book came with a marriage study I ordered.  So, I read it in a couple of days.  I appreciated the Warner's willingness to share from their experiences.  It's written from a his and her perspective.  You definitely get a different picture of the NFL star and his family. 

A final book I have yet to finish: Love & Respect.

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